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Thread: 1st Time BMW Owner

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    Cool 1st Time BMW Owner

    Greeting to My Fellow BMW Owners! After 44 years of riding Japanese and American bikes, I finally pulled the trigger on the one bike that I've always wanted, the BMW GS 1200 GS Adventure. Flying out next week to take delivery of a 2012 model and will ride it back from Northern Virginia back home to the Atlanta Georgia area. Looking forward to interacting with all the GS folks on this website and learning as much about this beast as possible.

    Some background on me. I am retired Army as of 23 years ago as an Airborne Infantryman, and just retired from my police motor officer job at Georgia Tech a year and a half ago where I ran traffic in downtown Atlanta with the Metro Atlanta Traffic Enforcement Team. My bike of choice most of the 10 years there was the BMW GS 650 and although we had Harleys at the Department, folks would always as me why didn't I ride the Harleys. My response was simple, "Crackheads don't run in straight lines". Member of the GWRRA and Iron Butt Association and average 20,000 miles a year. Did Alaska in 2012 and Belize this past February. Will do the IBA UCC in June of 2018 and currently own a 2002 GL1800 Goldwing with 190,000 on it of which I've put 154,000 on it over the last 9 years and a 1993 Harley FLHTP with 46,000 miles on it that started throwing oil last month on the return ride from the Dragon and stopped running. It's out the door so if you have anybody that can fix it, it's yours for $5,000 American.

    Immediate objective at the moment is to get the bike back home safely and start learning BMW speak and to hook up with other GS owners who can school me on keeping my bike in the best condition as possible. Looking forward to your responses and attending BMW events whenever and wherever I can fit it in my schedule. I have a feeling this is gonna be a totally different world.

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    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have some two-wheel miles under you so, you're in great shape there. How was your experience testing the GSA? Must have really made an impression!! Hope the weather supports you with your trip. Good luck!
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    Virginia to Georgia in December

    I would definitely take your heated jacket and gloves, the can bus system will support the driver's heated gear. If you don't have one, order/get the din connector for the GS to hook the gear up to power.

    That is a 2012 GSA next to me in the pic, on a Blue Ridge Parkway run in October of last year.

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    Welcome aboard and thanks for your service! I hope you'll join your new family at the rally in Des Moines next July.

    I also have a camhead GSA. Two of them, actually. My 2012 is set up for our dirt roads and sees a lot of use as we only have one paved road in town. The 2010 is linked to a Hannigan sidecar and is used for longer trips where I need my service dog at my side.

    Rallies are great places to learn BMW Speak.

    Semper fi!
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    Airborn Infantry Ranger turned hello pilot

    Welcome to the club. Your among friends here. Iím just a little south of you down Fort Rucker way. I ride an RT. Got enough dirt after 22 years in the Army to last a life time. Hope to see you in Des Moines at the International Rally.

    If you want to connect to the club sooner the Fontana Getaway weekend at the base of the tail of the dragon in NC is third weekend of April I believe... registration on the website for that getaway opens up in a month or two.

    Iíll see you there.
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    All the way Airborne.

    Best time of my life was in the 82nd. 4/325 AIR and 3/4 ADA.

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    Welcome from a noob to BMW also

    Welcome Goldwing2500 and thank you for your service!

    I was slow to the party of BMW after riding my whole life on Japanese to Harleys and most recently Ducati Multistrada. My wife and I road to Alaska last year and enjoyed talking to the brotherhood/sisterhood of riders that also made the trip. I started to notice a pattern of GS/A riders...many had on Harley gear from their former life. I was riding my beloved Multistrada often lying prone while servicing my chain with nitrile gloves on in the parking lot. The former "heavy riders" kept telling me about the "whole package" of motorcycle riding that took them to BMW. A few months after Alaska, and seeing how much my wife loved her GS, I pulled the trigger on a '17 R1200GS. Yes, I miss the electrifying talents of the Ducati, but I love the gentle, strong, nimble, low maintenance of my German steed now. At my age (61yrs young) this will most likely be my last long haul bike.

    Cheers from the Colorado Rockies,

    17' GS
    YZ250X (still ride single track!)

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    New to the BMW Game

    Yeah, I had a hard time deciding between the RT and the GS. Maybe the next one will be an RT.

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