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Thread: K1200RS fuel leak (not quick disconnects)

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    2000 K1200RS fuel leak (not quick disconnects)

    I have recently purchased a 2000 K1200RS. It has less than 15k miles but I have no maintenance or repair history, so I'm working on replacing fluids, filters, plugs, etc.

    It recently developed a fuel leak, and like everyone else, I thought it was the quick disconnects failing. However, after I removed the plastic covers, I saw that it does not have quick disconnects installed. The leak was from a 1/4" hose that is coming out of the bottom of the fuel tank and snaked around the right side of the frame.

    The fuel pump/filter access plate has four hoses connected. I know that two are for fuel delivery/return but need help with the other two. The one with the yellow plastic collar is where the fuel is leaking from.

    Any advice on this is appreciated.20171118_112212.jpg
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    I had that leak on 98 K12RS. You have to replace that assembly. You can probably find a use one cheap.

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    One is the rain drain (which goes to ground) and the other is the vapor vent which goes to the charcoal canister, if it is still installed. It's worth checking that they are connected to the right things.
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