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Thread: ASC on or off?

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    ASC on or off?

    Hello Scooter Heads!

    So I have had my 2016 C650GT for almost 2 years now. I have always had the ASC on. Anyone out there ride with the ASC off? If you do ride with the ASC off, are there any noticeable handling differences?

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    I no longer have a scooter, but my F800GT does have ASC. I can't imagine riding without it on the street.

    My first encounter with ASC or Automatic Stability Control was when I went to pull out on the road from the shoulder last winter. There was about a 3 foot wide area of fine sand the tires had to go across first, before hitting clean pavement. I gave the bike some gas and all of a sudden, the throttle chopped. Oh...what???!!! Then it dawned on me that the ASC had kicked in. Some would complain that they want the wheel to keep spinning. I suspect the back end could've very easily have slid out and I wouldn't have gone forward much faster than I did...but without the ASC, there would've been a lot more drama.

    I didn't quite have an encounter with ASC last spring...but I was extremely glad I had it. I got my NEXUS pass interview near Blaine, WA and decided to combine the trip for the interview with a little excursion to the end of the Mt. Baker Highway. I figured there would be snow on the ground at some point, and I'd merely turn around at that point. Most of the trip up to the ski lodge there had fine sand everywhere. Yuck! But then I started hitting patches of snow. If I'd hit a spot where all I could see ahead was snow, I'd have turned around then. But these were patches of 50-75 feet of snow and then pavement beyond. In the end, I made it all the way to the ski lodge, and then headed back. Most of the way I was thinking how nice it was to have both ABS and ASC on the bike. One to help me stop without skidding, and the other to help me progress forward without slipping. In my mind, they paid for themselves that day.

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    I would assume that you can ride harder and faster in twisties with the asc off.

    I have abs only. I can see having asc an advantage in poor weather

    With abs it not an option to rely on in twisties how does the asc work in twisties
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