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Thread: Know of any IMS (International Motorcycle Show) Minneapolis Discounts?

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    Know of any IMS (International Motorcycle Show) Minneapolis Discounts?

    I can probably afford the extra $4 or $5, but it would be nice to get my Motorcycle Show ticket at a discount. Any suggestions on where to get one?
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    I googled "international motorcycle show minneapolis discount tickets" and saw a number of sites which seemed to offer discounts. Not really sure what's behind the ads/sites though.
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    These came to me via email

    Save $3 On Tickets with Code EM418

    Save$5 with code NAWSS1440

    YMMV if they are still good

    The current plan is to attend Saturday
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    I used: EBD17
    Saved me $5.
    Don't know if its still good though.
    I'll be there Sunday.

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    There is a veterans discount available at the window when purchasing ticket but you must ask for it. At least last year at the Chicago show I was able to take advantage of the discount.

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