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Thread: G310R - Accessories and Maintenance

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    G310R - Accessories and Maintenance

    We purchased a G310R a few days ago to serve as my wife's first motorcycle. I test rode several bikes and did a lot of research before choosing her starter bike, with the goal of moving her up in the next 6 months to a year. I ride a 2016 R1200GS Adventure, so I might be a little biased towards BMW's offerings.

    My hope is to start a resource for me and fellow G310R/G310GS owners to share experiences and help as we learn these new to the market bikes.

    So far, I have ordered SW Motech Crash Bars, MRA Windshield, and R&G Axle Sliders and Bar End Sliders. Unfortunately, all items are back ordered, so I won't have them until late November. I plan to post info and pictorials of the installation of all of the things I do on the bike.

    Additionally, I have installed an accessory outlet using the wiring already put in place by BMW. We also have a Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag that should arrive this week.

    - Trent


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    Oil Change Walk-Through

    There is a very detailed and thorough walk-through for the G310R oil change, at the following link.

    I tried to post it here, but the BMW MOA forum has a limit of 3 pictures per post.

    - Trent

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    Congrats with the new ride! I'll check in from time to time on your progress as I'm interested in getting the GS version some time next year.
    I haven't ridden one yet but it looks and feels like a quality bike worthy of the BMW nameplate.
    Good luck with the hunt for farkles!
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    Service Kit (Sierra BMW)

    Sierra BMW online has the G310R service kit for $47.51. I have ordered all of my service kits for my GSA from Sierra BMW and have always been happy. All pieces, parts and fluids are Genuine BMW/OEM items.

    Link for the G310R service kit:

    - Trent

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrentAJ View Post
    My hope is to start a resource for me and fellow G310R/G310GS owners to share experiences and help as we learn these new to the market bikes.
    Welcome to the forum Trent!
    As the newer bike come to market, we have been trying to keep track of some of these "new owner experiences". It looks like you have got a good start on the G310R so we are going to "stick" this thread. Hopefully as others bring their experiences to the forum we can build a collection of tips and DIY's that will help the Members.
    As experiences build, perhaps we can develop and index like in the Wetheads section-
    Thanks for the effort.
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    Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag

    The Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag fits nicely on our G310R. We needed a solution that could carry a few items that wouldn't affect the rider's view or position on the seat. The curve of the tank bag is perfect for the G310R.

    The bag yields quick and easy access to your fuel tank, utilizing the zippers on either side of the bag. Simply unzip and push the bag over from the unzipped side. No need to mess with Fastex buckles that ultimately end up loosening your attachment straps, as experienced on other bags.

    I got this bag for $210 on Revzilla...shipped to me in 2 days.

    - Trent


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    I put Hepko Becker bags on my G310R:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Those bags look great. Where did you find them?

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    I had the bags from a previously owned Honda CB300 and kept the bags and then ordered the mounts from the U.K. but now they are available here: The mounts are around 200 dollars and then the bags are 200 dollars. The mounts are easy to install and much easier than they were on the Honda.

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