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Also, thanks for RIDERS, I copied his idea and installed some hand guards.

Did the mount for the right hand guard go inboard of the master cylinder, or could you get it between the master cylinder and the the switch housing?
Where did you get the Puig levers? The internet said (so it must be true) that adjustable levers for the BMW G650 Serato fit the 310 Midget. The front brake lever did fit, a drop-in swap and much needed to get my fingers on the lever properly. The clutch lever was nowhere close. I milled it down to fit inside the perch housing, but the geometry is all wrong and so is the internet. I donít NEED an adjustable clutch lever, but I like the folding feature. I only paid $25 on eBay and got a good front brake lever and solved a problem. Would like to get an adjustable folding clutch in order to keep the bike perfectly balanced.....