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Thread: G310R - Accessories and Maintenance

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    I got my windshield from Twisted Throttle and my hand guards that I got from Cycle Gear installed and with temps in the 50s here in Illinois was able to take a 58 mile ride as hadn't ridden since Dec. 22nd since we ice and snow and very cold temps. The new windshield and hand guards worked great. I also had heated Oxford grips on it but didn't need them yesterday. I now have 3,618 miles on the G310R that I got September 14th. My wife is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her 310GS.
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    Trackside Handguards

    Thanks for the post RIDERS. I just ordered a set of the hand guards you used for my wife's G310R. She needs some wind protection, and the $25 price is awesome!

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    Puig Levers and Trackside Hand Guards

    A couple weeks ago, I finally got all the necessary part in to replace the factory levers with Puig's levers. They have a much better feel, better shape, and make the bike feel a little easier to ride.

    Also, thanks for RIDERS, I copied his idea and installed some hand guards.

    All items went on in just a few minutes, with minimal effort.

    - Trent

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