As a Canadian rider I try to put together some rough ideas for next years big bike tour, I am considering possibly going south of the border. Last year was Gaspe, which was great, so my options to top it are quite limited. If I head to the far north, well, just a lot of rocks and trees and bears, rainy weather and long, straight highways. East coast was just done so that would be rinse and repeat. West means either going through the States or heading on a trip much too far for the time and budget I have.

These BMW rider events sound like an interesting tour and destination, but there are some things I cannot help but consider.

You see, from up here all we see is a constant barrage of "bad news" about what's been going on down south. Shootings and gun obsession, racism, protests both left and right, political issues, bad cops, robberies and a whole lot of other craziness which just makes us outsiders pretty nervous about heading down there especially if it's our first time.

Can I get some feedback on any incidents you have had, any advice, or your experiences while crossing borders and heading into that wild west craziness down there?