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Thread: Des Moines Beer Garden

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwclub343 View Post
    I can’t put any weight on the ankle, plus I can only get around on crutches. Tomorrow I see the Doctor to see what they want to do.

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    I hate it for you sir. Insult to injury not getting to attend. Two years ago I was going to attend my first rally on Hamburg, when I fell off of my helicopter, preflighting it for my students. I broke my right wrist and elbow, three weeks prior to the rally. I had to call a fellow MOA member to ride my bike back from work to home.

    Luckily for me, it was a fairly clean break in both places. The casting was minimal, and Rhonda and I were able to drive our 4 wheel Bimmer to the rally; I was determined not to miss that one, as I had missed so many before. (I paid for the Johnstonville TN Rally and ERC training only to become a single dad a month before the rally.)

    Take care of yourself, get healed up, hopefully we’ll see you in TN next year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MADDOG View Post
    Hey hey hey!

    MAD DOG here!

    Just got confirmation that the MOA {and mad dog] will be in control of the biergarten for the 2018 rally!

    So...get your schedules out, and plan to help out at the happiest place at the rally.


    MAD dOG 2018 Beer Garden Chair

    Just want all of my friends to know that I am home safely, this Friday. And thank you all so much for helping out in the beer garden.

    2018 Des Moines Beer Garden Chair

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    I was in a hall with picnic tables and some nice beers. Kept looking for the "garden" and the sunshine.

    Couldn't find the Beer Garden you all have described on this thread.

    27 had some nice beers, sunshine, parade of bikes, lots of friendly folks.

    Where was the BMWMOA beer garden?
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