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Thread: Vintage West Coast Riders to Vermont?

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    Vintage West Coast Riders to Vermont?

    Well, I'm making plans for two weeks before rally and one after to ride the Vermont Rally on my '78 R100. Leaving the new bikes home this time. I rode this same bike to the '78 Vermont National Rally, so this trip is special to me. Central Ca., near Yosemite NP is home, so I was just inquiring about any other older bikes headed that way from way out here. I'm sure some Airheads must be headed that way. I've made so many cross country rides over the years that I'm wearing out the middle parts of USA, so a Canada crossing may be in order, through Sask.,Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec. I rode parts of this on the way to Trenton, but missed middle Canada. I know its so much like our plains, but never been to middle Canada. My old Airhead has 280000 on its clock and is up to the task; any others? I camp a fair bit on most trips and ride hard some days, well over 600 miles and beyond. Quite a few 1000 milers thrown in, but these are not as frequent these days My R Bike is a bit custom with 9g Heinrick tank and Scout fairing, all black with red pinstriping. I also use Aerostitch tank panniers. This bike is not hard to spot and different enough to turn BMW heads. See me anywhere, give a shout! Happy Trails, Randy

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    That sounds fantastic.

    I hope you will allow us to display your bike in the show or high mileage display. I think it will be fantastic to have a bike that went to both Vermont rallies.


    Rob Nye
    06 Rally Co-Chair

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