Hello all.

I'm thinking of adding an RT fairing to my 85 R80. I'm interested to know your likes/dislike of said fairing.

I desire an upright riding position with a quiet ride. But first some back ground if your interested.

In its stock (naked) form I find the air blast fatiguing.

I've had a Hannigan ST fairing for many years and have enjoyed riding behind it. But it requires euro bars and now that I'm older my wrists are complaining.

I tried a Parabellum Scout fairing for a couple of seasons (with "US" bars). Love the coverage plus it only weighs 5 lbs. But unless I tuck behind the wind screen the "dirty" air noise created by it is unbearable. I started with a 20" screen, cut it shorter many times but there was no change in the "noise". I always ride with ear plugs (I have both moulded and NoNoise plugs).

Riding without a fairing I'm in "clean" air and only hear wind whistle. But I discovered that if I place my left hand above the cluster with my palm facing me I can recreate the "dirty" air noise I get with the Scout installed.

My lid is an Arai Profile.

Many thanks for your replies.