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Thread: Dash cams

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    Dash cams

    Does anyone have any experience/recommendations a front and rear camera?

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    Dash cams

    Many people with experience in front of a dash cam also have experience with roadside sobriety tests.

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    Me too, but in this instance, I want to be the one taking the videos.

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    I cannot help you other than to say I recall reading about cameras specifically designed for use as dashcams on bikes. They recorded on a continuous loop of 20 min or so and could be mounted on the front and rear of the bike. Sorry I cannot be more specific, but what you want is, or was, out there.

    Some info here:
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    You've probably already found the Innovv K1. It's been out for a few years. Seems like a nice unit, but the YouTube videos I've seen are not quite as smooth as I'd like, and I have some trouble reading license plates. I think that is important in a hit & run collision or maybe just being cut off and forced into an obstacle.

    At the AIMExpo, I saw a similar unit, the SYKIK X21F, which has a little larger screen. Like the Innovv, the main recording unit is not waterproof. I'm waiting for their new model, the ZR1, to come out in the next few months. It will be waterproof, 1080P, 60fps, 3" TFT screen, optional GPS to record location/speed, usable as a rear view mirror if mounted on the bars.
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    Innov c1 on my RT front only, C5 model has gotten good reviews and is $199 on amazon and has Wi-Fi so it can be viewed by smart phone

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