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Thread: 2008 RTP Seat To RT double seat?

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    2008 RTP Seat To RT double seat?

    Hi; What is involved in changing a 2008 Police RTP seat to a regular RT double seat , anyone have an Answer? thanks Woody

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    Woody99 - I looked at the Max BMW Parts Fiche for seat parts. It seems that there are a bunch of parts on your bike which essentially substitute for the front of the pillion seat on a non-RTP bike. Here's a photo of the parts:

    Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 6.08.41 PM.jpg

    Undoubtedly you're familiar with them. As I recall from my now-gone 2008 RT, the key to the bike was inserted to the rear of the pillion seat. I guess the job would entail replacing some body parts, etc. to replicate the RT seat situation. Here's a link to the RT-P seat diagram:

    Looks like you'd have to get rid of the radio box, get a pillion seat, and find a way to secure it. Seems like a lot of work.
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