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Thread: Red Start/Emergency Stop Button - sticking

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    Red Start/Emergency Stop Button - sticking

    Went to go for a ride yesterday and the red start button is stuck and can not push it into the start position. It goes into the stop position but when I pushed it hard into the start position it moved a fraction but not all the way. Sp, could not start my bike.

    My thought is something is causing it to jam and need to remove the assembly and see. But could not figure out how to unscrew it. Looked at a parts guide and the screw is listed as a FLANGED CAP SCREW - 2,5X15. Could not find the proper screwdriver. Anyone know what type of head the screw has (so I can buy the needed screwdriver).

    Also, anyone take it off and is this the right step to see why it appears jammed. Thought to either take off the assembly or just pop the red button, but not sure what is correct.


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    You need to post year and model of the bike in question for better results. Good luck.
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    Had something like that happen once, hit it with a shot of WD-40 then when it was loosened up, a shot of Tri-Flow.
    Worth a try.
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    I have an RT but I recall BMW had a problem with the Kill Switch on the early GS wethead, I'd check to see it you are covered with a warranty claim.


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    My GSW start button got very hard to press after three days of riding in very dusty conditions. I was afraid Iíd break it as hard as I was having to push it to start the bike. I flushed it with tons of water while working the switch back and forth and then lubricated with wd40. Pretty much back to normal now but seems like a poor design for a bike thatís going to experience those conditions.
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    In 1985 I went to the National Rally in Florida. I had an R90 but that is not the point. In a few days in that humid salt air both my kill switch and my high-low beam headlight switch became very stiff and almost impossible to change. I went to a hardware store and got both WD40 and Electric Motor Cleaner. A few shots of each and several back and forth activations and the switches were fine.

    I recommend this in the instant case. It works best if the switch casing is removed from the handlebars and cleaners and lubricants are injected from the backside.
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