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Thread: Road to Tuk

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    Road to Tuk

    The road to Tuk NWT is now open. Who is going in 2018? Looks like a great ride.

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    I spent a couple of years living in Inuvik and travelling to Tuktoyaktuk via various airplanes and hovercraft servicing electronics on river and ocean tugs plus crew carrying hovercraft and can only imagine how nice it will be to have service by road year round. In the summer season residents have depended on air and barge freight which was extremely expensive although there has been an ice road in the winter for some time.

    The new road section of the Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway (ITH) is 138 Km (86 miles) so is reachable without an extra gas stops for most bikes. I would love to see the Pingos and walk along the Arctic Ocean beach again.

    Maybe this should be the destination for a G310 GS for the summer of 2018. A short one way hop of 4,300 miles from Terlingua.
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    Itís on my agenda for mid-May to mid-June next year. Planning on taking the R100GS to Inuvik and Tuk, Top of the World, Deadhorse, Denali, Valdez, Cassiar Highway and Hyder. Not necessarily in that order, tho. My planned riding companion is probably not going to be able to be gone from work for over a month and SWMBO does not want me to go unaccompanied, so Iíll either be shopping for a compatible trip partner or just joining up with fellow travelers on the road. Should be a fun trip of a month or more.

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    Heading there late June on my way to the MOA rally.
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