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Thread: Kontour Seat

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    Kontour Seat

    Has anyone tried a Kontour seat? On what bike? Pros and cons?

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    IIRC we used to an MOA member who was part of the company. I'm sure if you search the forum for Kontour, you will find past threads. Check the Simliar Threads pane below.
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    Kontour Seat

    I had a Kontour seat on 2002 Kawasaki Councours. I live in the Sacramento, CA valley area, the breath ability of seat was the main reason I got it. When it rained the seat drained very well. I used that seat for two years before I sold the bike. Thinking back on the seat I don't recall any cons.

    I know this response isn't very detailed...
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    I don't have a Kontour seat, but did cover 3 of my seats with a mesh material. I bought mesh slip on motorcycle seat covers, cut them to fit and installed them over the existing seat cover. They are great in hot weather, but in cold weather the seat heater is barely noticeable. I bought mine in Vietnam after having one on my bike there for 4 months in 95 weather. At that time I could'nt find them online, but now they are available, if your interested in diy.
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