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Thread: 2012 K1600GT Brake failure

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    2012 K1600GT Brake failure

    BMW K1600GT
    First of all this is just to inform you of a potential fault in the braking system of the 2012 K1600GT. BMW HQ has taken their stance and my insurance has covered my totaled bike. Quite frankly since they refuse to acknowledge the incident and my years of experience I could never ride another BMW. I offer this only for your information and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could explain to me how a total brake failure could even happen.
    I apologize for the length of this but will explain exactly what happened.
    It started with intermittent cruise control failures and later started seeing anti skid caution lights. Iím mechanically aware and the forums led me towards a wheel sensor issue. I cleaned and checked both for chafing wires but found nothing obvious.
    I knew the dealer could computer analyze and tell me which one. Their first test pointed to a low voltage issue and since the previous owner had an after market battery I bit and purchased a new one. No other faults were showing so itís possible.
    I didnít get 3 miles away before the anti skid flashed again. I turned around and went back as the dealer is a long distance from my home. They reluctantly retested after I insisted and yes it showed a bad front sensor. Not in stock but agreed I could order and install myself. No problem at least I knew which one.
    I stop for gas and knowing that the system resets and self tests after power up Iím thinking about the possibility of a short in the wire. I pull out on a 4 lane local street and the 1st time it flashes I pop the brake hard enough to squat the front of the bike but not lock it up. The light goes out. 10-15 seconds it flashes I pop the brake and again it goes out. Iím about 45 MPH and I see a red light up ahead. As it flashes I pop the brake and it goes out and Iím slowing for the light. The 4th pop Iím only 20 yards from a big utility trailer at the stop light and I got nothing. The lever is nothing but air. I went for the rear brake but hit the trailer maybe doing 10 mph.
    Didnít even scratch the trailer but bent my front rim and broke the steering pinion dropping my front end enough that the pipes were touching the ground.
    At first I felt I had instigated it but called the dealer never expecting them to believe me. I was going to price parts. I trailered it there as they gave me hope that they had seen HQ cover strange things and possibly the pump could have failed.
    I just want yíall to know it happened. Iím 63 and have many long years of riding experience. I understand no hydraulic system is supposed to allow this short of a leak but there was no leak. I had my hand on the lever continuously as I was popping it to slow down. The crazy part was after impact and the bike shut down I talked with the guy and then tried to assess the damage. The lever was normal.
    Obviously I doubted myself but I know what happened.
    Please be careful and can anyone explain this?

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    Welcome to the forum...just registered today! Some KGT owners should be along shortly to help with some ideas. Good luck!
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    This is the first time I have heard of a brake problem on the K1600.

    Almost sounds like an ABS control module problem.
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    Sorry for your accident and glad your physically ok. I've been on a K1600GT for over 5 years and am very active within the K16 community. Never heard of any braking issues closely resembling this. I know this doesn't make since but the only logical answer would be air in the system. I know, logic doesn't always apply...
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