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Thread: BMW GS articles

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    I'm 81. A few months ago my 12GS was getting a bit heavy so I sold it and bought a 7GS. Just returned from a 6k mile ride in central and eastern Europe on the 7GS. Do I miss the 12? Yes but the 7 is still nice and it let's me keep riding. Ride what you have. RIDE!
    Marty Hill
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    Ride till you can't

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    Quote Originally Posted by martyhill View Post
    Ride what you have. RIDE!
    Yes indeed! And then write about the best parts in an article for the Owners News
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Quote Originally Posted by jconway607 View Post
    You're right, Chris. Even I forgot that the lowly F bikes were the last sad downward rung on the BMW hierarchical order. Please, BMW Motorad, put them out of their misery!
    You guys are forgetting the scooters!

    I think I saw the spy shots of the new C650GS! so the scooters might not be the bottom of the heap, just kidding no spy shots , so scooters still the bottom.

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    Spy shot GS Scooter


    Like the 310GS the GS scooter has been in the works for a while

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    The GS is the number one selling bike for a reason. I recently purchased a GSA, and was surprised to find that BMW has hidden a sport bike disguised as a GS under the skin! While the bike can be used off road it's absolutely a blast to use the gear assist pro, to rocket out of the curves. The upright seating position gives all day comfort, and the wide handlebars enable effortless steering through the twistees. I absolutely love all the electronic wizardry, ABS Pro, and dynamic ESA are fantastic, not to mention Rides Modes Pro, that now offer 5 different configurations for throttle and chassis setup. GPS is now integrated into the bike and provides enhanced bike functions, as well as superb mapping. The technology makes this bike the best I've ever ridden, the wethead boxer provides all the power needed to make this a great sport bike.

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