I just acquired front and rear paddock stands from DynaMoto for the 2010 R1200RT. They are manufactured in Brisbane, AU. I previously was using Legal Speeding's centerstand park'n move to store/move the RT. I was not entirely happy with using the Legal Speeding Park'n Move for a variety reasons, and was looking for something that allowed me to move and store the RT in my garage without needing to use the centerstand.

I had looked at other devices but settled on these paddocks for several reasons: simplicity, does not take up space when not in use. Other devices would have required using either the side stand, or the device took up too much space when not in use, or required me to push or ride the R1200RT onto the device.

The paddock stands from DynaMoto are simple to use: park the RT on its side stand, insert the rear paddock stand into the rear axle, pop the rear end up onto the rear paddock stand. Roll the front tire onto the front paddock stand and pop the front end up. That's it.

DynaMoto team is great to work with. After placing my order, they confirmed with me via email regarding year and model of bike, to make sure that the proper rear paddock stand was purchased as the rear swing arm changed sides on the RT. I sent them pictures as well. After ording, it only took about 7 days for the items to arrive in Dallas from Brisbane, AU.

Pushing/moving the RT around the garage is simple and easy. I am now able to push the RT into a good storage position so that it does not take up extra space.


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