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    New to me Toaster

    I recently picked up a 1973 R60/5 toaster.Serial number 2942073. According to realoem she has a production month of 02/1972. The bike is titled as a 1973 though, so in New York State a title was issued. I wonder if I can register the bike as a '72 based on the serial number. That way I won't have to shell out an additional $150 for a title when I put her on the road in the spring. Has anyone ever tried this? Titles are issued in NYS for vehicles 1973 and newer.
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    Worth a try. You can show them how the online sites break out the model years and see if they can issue a correction. Maybe go in to the help desk at the office and ask them.
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    took a quick look online, are you sure the title cost is $150? - from NYS DMV site - Title certificate: $50.
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    Thanks for pointing that out.I'll have to check into it. Maybe I'm thinking of a replacement for a lost title.
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    Similar Deal

    I am planning to try to correct the title in CA on my “new to me toaster” purchased in August. Mine has a production date of 12/1971 and is titled as a 1971, when it is a 1972. One piece of the puzzle I have gathered is confirmation from BMW in Germany that my VIN is a 1972.

    You can contact them here:

    I dont know the process in NY, but here I have to get the CHP to sign off on the correction before getting the DMV to make the change on the title. I have gathered info I believe makes it clear it is mistitled, but knowing what a hassle bureaucracy can be, I am prepared to walk away from the correction if it is too much hassle. I don’t really have anything to gain like you do, other than the annoyance of knowing it is wrong.

    I hope you enjoy working on your new purchase as much as I have. So far I have done suspension, brakes, tune-up, fluids, leak repair, tires, solo seat, mirrors, respoked my wheels with SS spokes & nipples, etc.
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    If the VIN on the title certificate matches the VIN on the motorbike, why not just ride and enjoy the bike and forget about the error? We ride airheads, not paperwork, right? I am going on the assumption that you reside in the state of New York and intend to license the bike in NY.

    A state issued title certificate is actually a good thing. Every state is different, but in Illinois, a bike with only a bill of sale is a nightmare to get titled here. IL will issue a title certificate for a vehicle from any year of manufacture, but without a surrender title, the documentation required is voluminous.
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