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Thread: New 1600GT - What did you add?

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    Dave Norton
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    USB Outlets & Seat

    Quote Originally Posted by piglet View Post
    Waterproof USB outlet - easily added on the right panel above the 12v socket. Maybe also a PDM60 or similar so you can power a tyre pump, since CANBUS trips out the standard 12v outlets at pointlessly low currents. That will also be a good first move if you’re planning any other electric gizmos such as horns and lights.
    Shame you won’t be able to fit a better radiator that doesn’t clog up!
    WHY add USB outlets that have to be waterproof and out in the elements??? I added 2 in the trunk for keeping power on the phone while using it in BT mode for the helmet communications (Schuberth R1 and Sena SC1). Just get a Battery Tender pigtail, wire it to the battery and poke a wire through the grommet on the lower right side of the top case and then attach one or two SAE connectors and then just plug on a Battery Tender (or other brand) USB port. Total cost is less than $20 and you never have to worry about the elements. I already have a battery charger pigtail supplied by the dealer on all bikes they sell so when I have the bike connected to it, I lay the helmet in the open top case and connect it to the USB and charge it at the same time. I leave the helmet USB cord connected to the bike in the top case and use the other USB outlet for my phone charger cord but if I only had one port there, I'd just disconnect the helmet when I'm ready to ride and plug in the phone.

    Still looking for a good seat and high brake light modulator. I've read up on both and think I'm going to buy a VizTech modulator but still looking for that comfy seat with backrest . . . . Dave

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    +1 on the Vizi-Tec. Easy to install...plug and play.
    I've always had good luck with Sargent seats on all my BMW's.
    There is an adjustment on the bike to raise it a bit.

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    My choice of an outlet on the fairing means that I have power conveniently placed for gadgets in the tank bag, mounted on the bars, or elsewhere in the cockpit. The outlet is also usable when the trunk/top-box has been removed, or isn't fitted at all (they are an option in some countries).Waterproof USB outlets are pretty cheap these days.

    Power in the trunk (or top-box), such as you have done, is another good option.

    Having both gives the ultimate flexibility!

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    So, I just got a used K1600 GT and am also looking at accessories. Here's what I have on my list, reinforced after a couple hundred miles today.
    Replace OE screen with a sport screen.
    My current favorite tank bag won't work due to Givi not seeming to have a tank ring that works with the tank lock tank bags (if someone knows better, then I'd like to know?)
    Having just ordered a Mosko Nomad tank bag for my GS I was interested to see how it might work on the GT. It's narrow enough to only touch the bars when they are almost on full lock, and that never really happens unless I'm walking the bike around, but the straps were a bit too fussy for my liking. I decided to cut them up a bit and putting holes in the straps then using the tank cover bolts to hold them in place with the plastic clips then doing the same at the front of the seat for the two lower straps. It still needs a little bit of finessing but essentially it's only four clips to completely remove it, and two clips to fill up the tank.
    So far nothing else to report...
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