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Thread: Schuberth SRC Pro repairs?

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    Schuberth SRC Pro repairs?

    The Schuberth SRC Pro comm system I've had on my C3Pro helmet for 2+ years is suddenly shutting off abruptly. Not the "descending tone" nice shut down - just dead. The shut-downs appear to correlate with motion or compression of the neck roll of the helmet as I turn my head or snap shut the face, so I suspect a loose wire somewhere between the battery on one side of the roll and the electronic guts on the other.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, were repairs possible and successful via Schuberth service? On your own?? The Schuberth folks were very helpful on an earlier, unrelated issue with my wife's helmet comms, so I have some hope. However, this feels a bit like - fix by replacement...

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    As far as I can tell - the SRC has a 5 year warranty, just like the helmets. I became quite friendly with one chap at Schuberth for replacement units on the early SRC, which had a wiring flaw that caused the battery to disconnect. I think I went through about 8 of them. I now have two that have worked perfectly for about 3 years now. Contact them for help - they are up there with RiderWarehouse as far as customer service - which is a lofty goal indeed, but they do back up their products 100%.
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    Thanks. It's on its way Schuberth now.

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    Following up - great Schuberth Customer Service

    Just for the sake of those who may search and find this thread.

    I sent my SRC Pro system to Schuberth North America for evaluation last week. Quick synopsis - on day they received it, they checked it out, found a wiring fault, and a replacement unit was shipped out.

    Fantastic responsiveness, much appreciated.

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