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What is the claimed range on a charge, and how does that compare to your experience?
Claimed range for the "Long Range" version sold in the US is 99 miles. I haven't hit that distance in one day yet but I believe it's doable if you are riding at a mix of urban and highway speeds in dynamic or eco pro modes where there is a significant amount of regeneration available, and opportunities to use it. At primarily highway speeds (60-80mph) I think you would be lucky to make it 70- 80 miles. I think it's most efficient at around 40 mph, and in rush hour traffic.

And what is the point of an electric scooter? Not sure of the point of your question, whether you are looking for information or trolling. Most likely my perspective in Seattle will be way different than yours in Blooming Prairie. What do you know about them?

(Debatable) more ecologically friendly and (definitely) lowering operating costs but with a slightly higher acquisition cost.
Same reasons people buy Teslas and BMW I3s or Zeros? Early adopters, fun, quiet, fast, unique.

For me? I prefer to commute on two wheels, year round. My other bike is a BMW GSA and it sucks for my commute of around 25 miles round trip into the city, with parking in a large structure. It's expensive to operate and I hate chewing up my TKC80s riding to work. Previous to the C Evolution I rode internal combustion engine (ICE) scooters for commuting - most recently a BMW C 650GT. Scooters are not touring bikes (the C650GT is borderline) or dirtbikes but are complementary. There is virtually no maintenance required on the C Evolution except for a brake fluid change very 2 years, tires every 6k miles and a drive belt at 24K miles. I can ride it on the freeway if I want and there are charging stations all over the place if I needed one. EVs are definitely becoming much more mainstream.