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Thread: 2006 R1200 GS Brake Servo Replacement

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    2006 R1200 GS Brake Servo Replacement

    Brake problems the last few weeks. Tried several items to fix but no success. Had the local dealer look at it today and test the system. Outcome is the servo is faulty with too high pressure. Two options presented to me the first is a BMW replacement part at over $3500 (Canadian). The second option a replacement part (rebuild) from R H Electronics in Germany at around $1800 (Canadian).

    Does any one have experience with the RH Electronics part and in dealing with them?

    Any other alternate suppliers for this part (new or rebuilt)?

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    Welcome to the forum! Bummer to have run into this brick wall. I did a few quick searches and didn't find anything specific to help. I hope some of the other members will come along and provide some insights.
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    Found two companies for rebuilding the ABS module. Module Masters in Idaho who are currently not rebuilding these specific units as they are further developing their process. They plan to start rebuilding these units in 2-3 months. R.H. Electronics in Germany rebuild the units for 900 Euros.. The third option is a BMW unit at $3,400.

    Anyone have experience with either of these rebuild companies?

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    I have just recently used Modulemaster to rebuild the abs unit for my 2007 GS. Modulemaster completed the service in five days, and they provide a five year warranty on their work. Granted, this is not the same abs system as the original poster, however, if you can wait for them to figure out the servo unit system I highly recommend their service. I was shocked at the OEM cost of a new unit, and was glad I found Modulemaster. I hope it all works out for you.

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