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    Failure to Launch

    Hi All,

    I have a FYK with a bit over 100K miles. Bought it new and it's been a very dependable ride. Just recently, it's started misbehaving a bit and I hoping for some guidance on this odd behavior.

    When starting out in first gear, it will stutter until the revs hit about 3k in first gear. It feels like it's not firing, or maybe starved for fuel. Once it spins up, everything's fine. I can ride around all day and it behaves proper, except for starting out. It seems to be just first gear. I can lug it from idle in second gear and she's smooth as silk.

    It does have an aftermarket coil on it the original failed years ago and the mechanic (at a BMW shop) said this was the closest he could get to an OEM. The coil was my first guess, but I don't understand how it could be fine except when launching in first gear.

    Has anyone else had these symptoms, or is there any other information I can provide? Suggestions for debugging the problem?


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    Got a much smaller version of the same symptoms on a K. I'll be watching this post.


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    Question: Is this just on that first roll-out after startup, or is it every time in first starting to roll below 3K rpm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Question: Is this just on that first roll-out after startup, or is it every time in first starting to roll below 3K rpm?
    Great question. It happens not only in the first roll-out after starting the motorcycle, but most of the time when starting from a stop. It seems to be more frequent now than when I first noticed it a few weeks ago.

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    What if you put it in first gear and just ride at speeds below 3000 RPM? Don't accelerate above the problem zone. Does it continually stumble for you?

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