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Thread: 2018 r1200 gt?

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    2018 r1200 gt?

    Just took delivery of my 2018 R1200RT in Mars Red.

    This color is also available on the K1600GT.

    My first statement from BMW Financial Services shows the bike as a 2018 R1200GT. GT?

    I wonder if BMW marketing is trying to differentiate the Mars Red RT as the "baby brother of the K1600GT?" They share the same color and the RT/GT is equipped with a shorty windscreen, similar to the K1600GT.

    I'll be adding the BMW Top Case and the BMW dealer parts department has informed me that BMW will be offering a color-matched (Mars Red) Top Case for my bike. Funny thing is, the K1600GT offers a color-matched Mars Red Top Case. I wonder if the R1200RT/GT Mars Red will have the decals to match the side cases?

    Anyone else out there purchase a 2018 Mars Red RT/GT and see this on your BMW FS Statement?


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    Great looking bike! Congrats! I'll be test riding one next week and that would be the color scheme I would choose.

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    I like the color for sure. Not sure about the dark wheels though.
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    I'm sure the GT is just a misprint. I just have the Bill of Sale, no financial statement from BMW, would that have something to do with financing? I've only had 2 hours with the bike and then had to put it up and fly home. 2 weeks until my first shake down trip on 2nd Nov and it's going to be a long two weeks!


    I've had all my essential accessories installed by the dealership:
    1)engine and saddlebag crash bars
    2)Illium highway pegs
    3)replaced sport shield with standard shield
    4)Givi tank bank using the fueling ring for attachment
    5)Clearwater Darla lights mounted on wheel flanges
    6)Motochello switched loop for hardwire 3.5mm stereo connection from audio to Sena20S
    7)Side stand enlargement
    8)Navigator VI
    9)Front Fender extender
    10)saddlebag protective film


    The bike had 1 mile on the odometer and I put 16 miles on it taking it over to the storage unit. Much easier to get up on the center stand than my 2012RT, shifting and throttle much easier then the '12rt. My dealer recommended keeping it under 4000 rpm for first 600 miles although the manual says 5000rpm. I'm pretty excited....

    BMWMOA 201086 2012 r1200rt// 2018 "Red" RT It's Here!

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    11) bar risers too

    I have very short legs and arms. The low seat option allows me to have the balls of my feet firmly planted, the 2018 is much lower than my 2012rt:


    I love the red colour, a bright, happy colour!


    I bought the top case for the '12rt but after putting 20K miles over the last couple of years (only on vacation), I've come to regret getting the top case. For starters its heavy, must be at least 25lbs empty. I'm going to use a dry bag and I've purchased a custom luggage rack although I haven't installed it yet. The dry bag and my cooler can easily strap on to the pillion seat and top case base. I'm working on minimizing what I take with me on my 7-10 day trips.

    BMWMOA 201086 2012 r1200rt// 2018 "Red" RT It's Here!

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    Big Red & Little Red

    My friend has a K1600GT in the same Mars Red as my new RT.


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    Nice looking bike, I really like the red. If possible during the storage periods I would try to have the tank topped off with non-ethanol gas if possible. A friend purchased a trunk from the Marketplace and had it colored matched to his bike, we were surprised at the weight of the empty trunk.

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    Congrats Scotty! I was at 441 and saw your bike before you picked it up- beautiful bike! Enjoy.

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    I think the R1200GT designation is unique to the special color scheme (with Mars Red) and also gives you the smaller windshield.
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