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Thread: 45 yrs of moto and first BMW!

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    45 yrs of moto and first BMW! I'm a little slow to the party having owned and ridden just about everything else on the planet, as has my moto wife, who, BTW, owns a F700GS. She has been riding since she was 16 and has ridden "everything" too. She considers her F700 the most nimble, enjoyable bike she has ever owned. I just sold my beloved Ducati Multistrada and bought my first BMW R1200GS. I love it almost as much as the Multistrada, but I'll love it much more when I do the first valve check! I do my own work and the 10 hours to do the Multistrada took it out of the realm of being a great long distance bike. We both look forward to learning from you all as these will be our last long haul bikes we purchase!

    Don & Mary of Colorado.

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    Welcome to the land of BMW! Nice riding surrounds you in Colorado!!
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