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    Enduroguard Jacket

    To set context, I might put Enduroguard jacket up for sale. Not because I don't like it, but after about 1500 miles, I'm feeling it may be too big and thinking about next size down.

    This week I did an 1100 mile circuit that included some stop and go traffic in 85 F temperature and direct sun, high speed runs on highway ranging from 45-85 F and even some light rain.

    For lack of better words, the jacket has "weird" sizing. The chest and back area seem bigger than you would expect per the size charts, the upper arms are skinny and the overall length of sleeve is long. I'm a solid 45 inch chest which falls between BMW 54 and 56, but the chest and back for me was cavernous in the 56. However, I felt like I could barely get my arms into the sleeves, especially when wearing my gerbing underneath. The 54 fit and looked much better, but the only other BMW jacket I've bought was the Boulder and my biceps couldn't fit into those skinny sleeves. The boulder fit in every other way and I thought the arms might loosen up over time, but that never happened. I was very paranoid about that happening again, so I went with the larger 56.

    Of course, as I get into first long ride in the new jacket, the tightness in the arms goes away and the oversize in sleeve length and chest area started to bother me.

    The quality of jacket is top notch. I didn't hit heavy rain, but certainly stayed dry in the stuff I encountered. 80% of my riding is done with Olympia Airglide suit. I did 70K miles on first Olympia suit and finally replaced with new one this year. I say that because I'm used to that feeling of wind blowing on me when I'm moving in the air suit. With the enduroguard, I could really feel the air circulation inside jacket when it was hot and vents open. It did get hot sitting in traffic at 85, but cooled off rapidly again when rolling.

    The vents on lower part of sleeve don't stay open very well. There is a tab and snap system that is supposed to pull the vent open, but it didn't really for me. Maybe because of sizing? Even so, circulation was good.

    When it got cooler and time to zip up, I noticed a very cool sensation on the skinny upper arms. I kept checking to see if a vent was open. It was actually very cold and I got worried that it was going to be a significant challenge for cold weather riding. Again, after about 5-10 minutes riding, that feeling goes away.

    The bottom front pockets don't open very much and I found it hard to get stuff in and out.

    The collar is larger and stiffer than what I'm used to and was worried about how that would feel after long ride, but that was never an issue for me.

    The armor does feel soft and conforms well. One day, I had to cable lock jacket to bike. It was cool and when I put jacket on, it was very, very stiff. The armor does adapt with some body heat.

    I love the look and quality of the jacket. I wanted something for spring / fall mostly and didn't want to deal with rain jacket/liner. The jacket seems to fit better quickly when riding. Based on that, I'm happy with it and now I'll just decide if I switch to 54 or just deal with the extra bulk.

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    Un-suspecting shoppers might not realize that the newer D30 armor may be great stuff, but the material is hard until warmed up.
    It can be really uncomfortable until and if it gets warm from your body heat.
    I'm getting a slightly used Comfortshell jacket this week. I might replace the armor with the more pliable and comfortable Forcefield armor similar to the ultra comfy Rukka armor.
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    Weird seizing isn't limited to the Enduroguard..
    My brother ,who is 6'6", couldn't fit in any of the one piece BMW rain suits either. XXXXL was like a Zeppelin on him but leg and arm length did not increase commensurate with the size increase, so the suit is too small for his length. Perhaps they are made by Jabba The Hut??
    The two piece suit OTOH fits him fine.
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