On this day 5 years ago today I picked my scooter up at the dealer. The scooter now has 49000km on it and has gone on flawlessly. The recalls - side stand switch, cam chain tensioner, luggage rack and the switches have all been done. I am waiting to do the brake line till I am ready to do the brake fluid (next year) I will have the dealer do just the front line and fluid and I will do the back.

My own maintenance I have done

At the 25000km (15000 mile) point

Brake fluid front and back
The belt
Rear chain adjuster and gear oil
Air filter
Brake pads
An adjustment to the parking brake
Washed the scooter (first and last time) Platinum Bronze does not show dirt
I have changed the oil and filter 6 times

I am on my 3rd back tire and my 4th front tire

3 low beam bulbs

Coming soon (December) I will be stripping the bike down (all that plastic) and replacing the transmission fluid you have to drop the radiator and exhaust (so the manual says) my goal is to get 1000 more to roll 50000. I will then do a new belt rear chain adjuster and whatever else I see need doing such as valve adjustment.

Oh by the way, I don't trust dealers for service as they are not doing what they are supposed to do. If you read other posts the dealers are doing a lot of work not needed costing the consumer.

The way the maintenance schedule is written you have to read between the lines sometimes to understand it