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Thread: 03 K1200RS Coolant options??

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    03 K1200RS Coolant options??

    I have Honda (vehicle, same as their MC coolant) coolant that I'm wondering if I can use on my 03 K1200RS. I have been searching the forum but not found anything reference Honda coolant. I have used it in other metric bikes, but am wondering if BMW's are a different beast. I did notice that the factory manual states 40/60 ratio, coolant/water.

    Also, Was wondering if anyone has ever used coolant hoses from the auto parts store and cut them to fit. I know they wont come with the bends etc, but seems a couple of the hoses could be replaced with regular automotive hoses. Any thoughts?

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    I've been using Dex Cool on my w/c BMWs for years now. Can't remember what got me started with it, but I've never had a coolant related problem. I know Toyota has their own coolant blend (yellow), not sure if that is what Honda uses.
    As for hoses, BMW uses so few straight hoses that trying to make a generic hose fit the space just never seemed worth the effort. Yeah, I know some of BMW's replace part cost seem insane.

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