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Thread: How does it feel, satisfying your hunger to tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by daboo View Post
    But where I really find my fulfillment is in serving God... Chris
    First thing that popped into my head was Neil Diamond's

    Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

    "Hot August night
    And the leaves hanging down
    And the grass on the ground smelling sweet
    Move up the road
    To the outside of town
    And the sound of that good gospel beat

    Sits a ragged tent
    Where there ain't no trees
    And that gospel group
    Telling you and me..."

    How about a roaming motorcycle ministry that hit's a bunch of the BMW rallies? The back of the MOA ON is full of them screaming for a little Sunday morning "battlefield alter" worship service.

    Snag a small van-type RV and have the missus tag along, or trailer your rig to the event. Ride with the boys on Saturday and dish it up on Sunday morning and then head to the next one.

    What say?
    Yeeha! Stephen
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    That sounds like a great idea, actually. I'm over on a prison ministry trip in the Philippines right now. So that's something I'd really enjoy.

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