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Thread: How does it feel, satisfying your hunger to tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by daboo View Post
    But where I really find my fulfillment is in serving God... Chris
    First thing that popped into my head was Neil Diamond's

    Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

    "Hot August night
    And the leaves hanging down
    And the grass on the ground smelling sweet
    Move up the road
    To the outside of town
    And the sound of that good gospel beat

    Sits a ragged tent
    Where there ain't no trees
    And that gospel group
    Telling you and me..."

    How about a roaming motorcycle ministry that hit's a bunch of the BMW rallies? The back of the MOA ON is full of them screaming for a little Sunday morning "battlefield alter" worship service.

    Snag a small van-type RV and have the missus tag along, or trailer your rig to the event. Ride with the boys on Saturday and dish it up on Sunday morning and then head to the next one.

    What say?
    Yeeha! Stephen
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    That sounds like a great idea, actually. I'm over on a prison ministry trip in the Philippines right now. So that's something I'd really enjoy.

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    Add me to the camp that REALLY enjoys solo motorcycle touring. My wife enjoys riding and I cherish the times we tour together. Thankfully, she also knows me enough to know I value time alone on the bike. When my daughter was younger she did a lot of extensive trips with me, and those are some of my most cherished memories, and pictures from some of those trips still bring great joy.

    Unlike what some others have said, I actually enjoy being at a hotel alone. Some times I don't spend much time in the room and instead spend time walking around the town, looking for a fun spot to get a bite, or just taking in the local sights. I enjoy riding alone, stopping when I want, lingering as long as I wish, riding as many miles in a day as I feel like, etc. I have good gear and some times actually find satisfaction traveling in miserable conditions and being comfortable. I have ridden with other riders before, and it's OK, but I enjoy going it solo much, much more. I find real freedom in not having to worry if someone is keeping up, or about keeping up, just generally not being concerned with anyone else. No compromises. I'm the CEO of a decent sized company, and accustomed to calling the shots. Maybe I have enough control issues that I know I'm not willing to make the sacrifices it would take to be a good riding companion. Not sure why, but I don't apologize for it. I enjoy taking the road less traveled alone.

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    some of my thoughts on this

    Touring allows me to de-stress, let the issues from my world slip away for the sights, sounds and scents from the road. It satisfies my wanderlust, and my love for camping.

    I too am lucky in that my bride rides (drives) her own 3-wheel motorcycle. Talk about carrying lots of stuff... her motto is, 'if it fits in my sidecar, then I can bring it!' so when we travel, we travel in comfort. Unfortunately, her health precludes her from doing long miles and multiple days any more. Also, she doesn't have the level of passion about riding that I do. But fortunately, she has no problem sending me off on my own adventures.

    With regard to traveling solo or with a group... I have found that when I am traveling alone, I get too much into the mindset of banging out the miles, and forget to smell the roses. My usually companion is my best friend, and we have traveled so many thousands of miles together, that we know each others idiosyncrasies, and are comfortable with them. Some days we will travel 600-700 miles, other times we will travel barely 100 or take a couple of days in one spot and to explore the area. We always laugh a lot, don't worry about who paid, or who didn't, or one going too fast or missing a turn. My wife knows calls it my "boys time", and knows that I need it now and then.

    Like another poster said; I like to think that I come home a better person than when I left.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    How does it feel, satisfying your hunger to tour?

    Very satisfying ! Any time, any where, any just feels right.

    Ride fast safely

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