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Thread: History in VA-1914 Motorcycle Stuff

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    History in VA-1914 Motorcycle Stuff

    Articles found Doug MacLeod

    June 23, 1914

    The Lynchburg News


    Stranger Abandons Machine Ten Miles from Town after Accident

    On securing permission to ride a short distance to “try out” a motorcycle before purchasing, a young man yesterday morning went on a mad Joy Ride which ended up about 10 miles out in the country with a broken sprocket wheel, and now the police are looking the country over with the determination to investigate the incident.

    The cycle was the property of Mr. Winston Bass, and it was stated that yesterday morning the man, who was a stranger to the owner of the machine, walked into the Bass Cigar Store and stated that he wished to ride the cycle a short distance to try it out before closing the deal, as he contemplated purchasing it. The stranger talked most fluently, saying that at one time he had been the owner of a motorcycle and, on leaving the store on Main Street with the machine, the stranger left a small water spaniel dog with Mr. Bass until he returned. Time passed and after the lapse of two hours the owner of the machine inquired at the police station, in regard to the machine and its rider.

    It was learned from Policeman Grow that the man had been seen riding the motorcycle through Fairview Heights, and as Mr. Bass had given him permission to ride but a short distance on Main Street, it dawned on him that the man was over-running agreements considerably. Jack Sublett and Harry Bury immediately set out on another motorcycle in an effort to learn the whereabouts of the stranger, and at Bocock, a small place several miles from Lynchburg, it was learned that the man had passed that place during the r???-------------Altavista???---------------.The gasoline??----of the searching machine???-------------started out to investigate. Detective Irvin and Jackson accompanied the party and the machine was found riderless about ten miles from the corporation limits. On examining the motorcycle, it was found that the stranger had filled both the oil and the gasoline tanks and was evidently in for one long glorious joyride. The machine evidently met with an accident and caused the man to abandon it on the roadside, as the sprocket gearing was badly smashed. The machine was not entirely disabled and Harry Bury mounted it and rode it back to the city.

    Mr. Bass states that he has a good description of the man and that every effort will be made to have him apprehended for a thorough investigation of the affair. It was reported in the city yesterday afternoon that the man had received serious injury in the fall with the machine, but nothing definite could be learned in regard to this. The car which carried the searchers to the location of the machine proceeded to Lawyers in an effort to learn something of the stranger, but it seems that the man did not pass this place after leaving the motorcycle beside the road.

    The dog, which the stranger left as “security” is still in the possession of Mr. Bass.

    Found by Doug MacLeod

    In Jones Memorial Library

    Lynchburg, VA

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Lynchburg News (Newspaper)
    2. July 11, 1914

    22 Motorcycles in the City

    Owners will start Motorcycle Club. Will hold a meeting in a few days.

    3. July 14,1914


    Organized Sunday Morning with
    22 Charter Members

    A meeting of local motorcycle enthusiast was held Sunday morning at 10 o'clock at S. O. Fisher's
    Store on Main St., at which time a Motorcycle Club was formed. Much interest was displayed
    in the organization and 22 Charter Members have been secured.
    The .................ole, Motorcycle Club and this was chosen on account of the fact that Lynchburg is on the map of the Seminole Trail. The object of rom the organization is to promote the best interest of local rom motorcycle owners, to conduct tours and contest, hold picnics and also to hold picnics
    time to time.
    The officers elected Sunday follow:
    President R. Elmer Fisher
    Vice President Allen E. Hart
    Secretery-Treasurer Harry Bury
    Road Captain Calvin R. Webber
    Road Lieutenants Jack Sublet, Reed
    Baldock, Herbert Vaughn, J.A. Hillsman
    and Thomas O. Acre.

    Group photographs were taken and also pictures of the individual members, and these together with an article of the Lynchburg club will be forwarded to magazines devoted to motorcycles and it is probable that the Hill City will come in for quite a bit of publicity. As yet the club has not completed its organization, and a committee has been appointed to draft rules and bylaws, which will be presented at a meeting to be held at the YMCA Thursday night. The club has taken steps towards securing rooms for the organization and an effort will be made to secure a motorcycle garage for the members. Three ladies have been admitted to membership in the club and these will be listed as "tandem" members


    4. July 14, 1914

    Police motorcycle man Monahan caught Jack Lee Jr. -10:30 pm Friday night "making" 34 mph on Rivermont Ave. A half hr later 41 mph
    (2 charges). Did not have.speedometer on bike but did have a sidecar. Speed limit 15 mph.


    5. From the Lynchburg, Va Newspaper
    November 8, 1914

    Thirteen Motorcyclist Left Richmond
    But They Dropped Out on Wayside And Two Stopped Here

    * Will Make Return Trip Today*

    *Thirteen motorcycle riders in the*
    News-Leader Endurance Run from*
    Richmond to Lexington, via
    Lynchburg, reached here yesterday*
    afternoon and checked in at the*
    Williams Supply Company on*
    Main Street. The last two arrivals
    spent the night in Lynchburg and
    will start early this morning for*
    Lexington. They will complete the*
    run, but they are ruled out of the*
    contest by stopping in Lynchburg.
    * *The first arrival was , T.C.Fuken
    riding an Indian motorcycle, who
    reached here at 3:29 o'clock. He*
    was followed one minute later by
    B.B. Bivens, on a Harley machine.
    The third arrival was Charley Scott,
    riding a Pope, who got here at*
    3:40 o'clock. J. Van Donn, riding*
    the only single cylinder machine
    that reached here, arrived fourth,
    reaching Lynchburg at 3:44 1/2.
    Other arrivals were as follows:
    Roswell Meredith 3:48 1/2, Harley;
    G.H. Tompkins, 3:59, Indian; Dave*
    Kennedy, 3:59, Harley; E.F. Stark,
    4:24 1/2, Indian; C.J.. Bauman,*
    4:24 1/2 Harley; W.C. Gray, 4.27
    Indian; S.W. Hague,4:37, Indian;
    L.W. Hines, 5:10 1/2 Harley; P.G.*
    Fletcher, 5:54, Dayton.

    * * * *Turns Back at Elon

    L. W. Hines , who reached*here at
    5:10 1/2 o'clock left the city after
    checking in, but at Elon, he turned*
    back, darkness having overtaken*
    him, and since he had no light,*
    and knew little of the route, he
    concluded to spend the night in
    Lynchburg. P. G. Fletcher did not*
    get here until dark, and he put his*
    machine up at the garage and was
    Later joined by Hines.
    * *The riders reported very bad*
    roads between here and Richmond.
    Most of them got lost and were*
    fagged out when they reached*
    Lynchburg. They left Richmond at*
    8 o'clock and there were 24 entries.
    They left Richmond together but*
    some of them dropped out on the
    * *The winner of the contest gets
    $25; second $15; and third $10,*
    with other smaller prizes. The run
    was backed by the sporting*
    department of the News Leader.
    Those who reached Lexington*
    last night will start on the return
    to Richmond today and those who
    finish the run will reach Richmond
    this afternoon. They will return by*
    a different route.
    * *Riders checked in Petersburg,*
    Blackstone, Farmville, Lynchburg*
    and Lexington. On the return they
    will check in at Staunton,*
    Charlottesville and Richmond. The
    route covers a distance of 350*
    miles, 180 miles on the first day*
    and 170 miles on the second day.
    * *The first day's run was from*
    Richmond to Petersburg, and on*
    through Church Road, Ford's depot*
    Hebron, Wellville, Blackstone,*
    Nottoway, Burkeville, Rice's depot
    and Farmville, where stop was*
    made for dinner. From Farmville*
    the route led through Action,
    Prospect, Pamplin City, Evergreen,
    Appomattox, Spout Spring,
    Concord, Lynchburg, Elon, Naola,
    Snowmen, Balcony Falls, Natural
    Bridge, Longwood to Lexington,
    where the night was spent.
    * *The return trip will be via Midway,
    Greenville, Folly Mills, Staunton,
    Waynesboro, Afton, Brownsville,*
    Charlottesville, Shadwell, Cobham,*
    Trevillians, Louisa, Cuckoo, Jackson,
    Montpelier, Taylor's to Richmond.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Lynchburg Newspaper

    6. circa 1914-1916

    Nine Have Thrillng Experiences on 136 Mile Jaunt

    A party composed of Robert Neubauer, Jack Lee Jr, Thomas Acree, Reid Baldock, Elmo Fisher, Miss Mary Murrall, Wemouth Murrell, Calvin R. Webber and Jack Sublett left Lynchburg early Sunday morning for a motorcycle trip to Natural Bridge and Roanoke, their trip being made over the Amherst Turnpike to Elon and then over the Automobile Highway to Natural Bridge. After a two Hour stop at the Bridge, the party continued to Roanoke and returned to the city Sunday night.

    The party left Sunday morning at 6:30 o’clock and the entire trip was made through a rain, which made the roads very difficult to ride and incidentally the day a memorable one for those that fancied the sport to such an extent to undertake the trip under the prevailing conditions. The trip was not made without mishap as the two-wheeled machines cut “capers” according to a scared jack-rabbit, when the slippery parts of the roads (were) encountered, and the results were considered almost miraculous as several times when the wheels struck these places, the machine would buck with the agility of a cow punchers pony and would take uncertain trips through the wooded lands bordering the roads, only to flash back to the road again and treat the mounts to an unceremonious dismount in the mud while the cycle continued its rampage and found repurpose in the mud after losing its equilibrium.

    The spills were frequent during the trip to the Bridge and the experience was such that several of the party were tempted to give up their quest and return to the “City of the Hills”.

    However, all were, prevailed upon to “stick it out” and accordingly arrived in the locality of Virginia’s monarch of scenic grandeur about 10 o’clock. Within an hour and a half the party had remounted, with Roanoke as it’s goal. Although the rain continued to fall, the roads were better here and the cyclist were rewarded for their determination, reaching Roanoke at 1 o’clock. After several hours spent there during which time two members of the party almost aroused the Roanoke traffic Officer stationed at the corner of Salem and Jefferson Streets with a neat “Broadie” executed with the assistance of a wet car rail this intersection. Four –Thirty o’clock saw the Lynchburgers on their way again, but minus one member of the gallant nine, deeming it advisable to return via N&W. The remaining eight stuck to their task and urged on by the gentle patter of rain upon their shoulders, they were within walking distance of Lynchburg, when a calamity before one of the machines which had a sidecar attachment and had three of the partys passengers. The breaking of the rear axle caused the passengers to entrain from a station some seventeen miles west of the city. The others with their “do or die” spirit made Lynchburg without further mishap. Thomas Acree, was the first to arrive, coming into the city at 7:30 o’clock. The others, with the exception of “ Bridgie Webber, who was left to tow a disabled vehicle to a nearby farm house, arrived at five minute intervals. Webber was the last to arrive, he completing the 136 miles at 10:30 o'clock.
    Although no announcement was made by any of the cyclist, it was assumed by their actions after the return that their hands were held aloft with a "Never More" gesture, especially when Jupiter undertakes to refresh the parched earth after a two month drought.

    ************************************************** The End***********************************

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    Not quite as long ago, but about a motorcycle and Lynchburg none the less. In the early 70s a friend had his Triumph Trident stolen in Richmond, Virginia. He reported it and heard nothing about it until 2010. The VA Highway Patrol contacted him and told him his bike had been found. During the search of a property in Lynchburg the police discovered a motorcycle frame. They ran the VIN and voilá, case solved.

    Thanks for you post.
    Kevin Huddy
    Tm Pterodactyl's MT Outpost
    2017 R1200GSA & 2013 FJR

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