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Thread: Maintenance after the warranty expires

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    Quote Originally Posted by LFarling View Post
    In warranty or out, one would be foolish to think you can out engineer BMW and the maintenance guidelines they use.
    Amen to that!
    Ed Apelian
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    Quote Originally Posted by gsinnc View Post
    Thanks for the laugh! I suspect it depends on the type and quality of the nut that squirrel has in his mouth which will directly impact the quality of the nut and its individual longevity. If he is storing a nut known to have a longer shelf life then the research probably assumes a longer winter. But in any case a nut is a nut and as long as he is storing them he will be fine over the long haul!
    I think in the case of an oil thread, the thread is the squirrel which is collecting the nuts.
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    New oil is better than old oil.
    Specified oil is better than other oil.
    Some oil is better than no oil.
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