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Thread: Hello from Maine!

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    Hello from Maine!

    Picked up this 2013 F800 GS from a used dealer in Massachusetts. 400 mile drive (round trip), but well worth it. Low suspension, low seat, 7.6k miles. Pristine condition. Although, it does have a very annoying plastic sounding rattle from the front area when in motion (over 20mph really)...

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad you latched onto the newish BMW. Hopefully you can get some riding in this fall before the weather begins to turn!!
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    Heck, I've already put more miles on it than the last three years with my last bike, a KLX250. That thing was torture on the road, wonderful off-road

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    Welcome, from another newbie. Great looking bike. I'm currently researching for my first BMW as well. After going back and forth in my head between several different models, I thought the F800GS represented the best combination of my needs. Big enough to go down the freeway, small enough to reasonably go offroad, and comfortable enough to do either for long stretches.

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