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Thread: Preferred tire demount/mount bar

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    Preferred tire demount/mount bar

    I am continuing to make improvements on my harbor freight changer and am considering purchasing a good demount bar. Which one between the No Mar and MoJO unit seems to work the best. They both are about the same price.
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    A while back there was a lot of discussion on tire changing on this forum - link follows. Seems whomever was hosting my photos has gone away.

    I have both the mojo tire lever and the no-mar tire lever. The mojo lever is useful for demounting a tire; I have never been able to use the lever to mount a tire.

    The No-mar lever has been used for both demounting and mounting a tire. I find that I still resort to some long tire irons to help the last bit of tire get over the rim.

    If I was just getting one, it would be the No-mar lever. I still prefer Ru-glyde over the lubricant stuff that no-mar sells to mount/demount tires.

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    I have the Mojo bar and it's always been hard to use for mounting. Dismount - works well. Maybe if I used it a lot, I'd have a better technique/luck, but most times the second bead slips over / above where the 'handle' is welded to the bar and I have to begin again, or just resort to levering the tire on. The first bead is usually not a problem - many time I just push it in place once an opposite side of the bead is positioned in the valley. When installing the second bead is when the fun begins and the bead slips out of place when sliding the bar around the rim.

    I've used the No-Mar 'Yellow thing' bead holder to try to get the opposite bead into the valley of the rim, with limited success. I wonder if the 'handle' needs to have a bit of metal welded to it, to raise the 'handle' higher so that the bead doesn't slip over. Also, maybe if the 'arm' of the Harbor Freight motorcycle changer was not in place I'd have more success. It becomes pretty difficult when installing a tire with a stiff sidewall. Watch the videos of the Mojo bar in use - they seam to be able to make it work, so much of my issue may be technique. Good Luck.

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    I have the NoMar bar. Excellent for dismounting, not worth the effort for mounting. Easier in my opinion to use heat, lubrication, Yellowthing and a pry bar.
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    While I was looking at the NoMar and the MoJo unit this other tire tool came up as a non scratch choice. A bit more expensive but the mounting end is shaped much like the tire tools for my old manual Coats tire changer, has a nice hook and guide on the end. Anybody ever tried this unit?
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    I found a youtube video on the no-scratch. It looks good but since I already have the no-Mar I don't think I will change.
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