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Thread: Lee Parks DeerSports PCi Gloves Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travman View Post
    There is a large thread over on ADVRider about Lee Parks gloves and I have tried them myself. Tried being the operative word. The gloves are very nice, BUT, only if you buy them at a show/event and get fitted by Lee Parks himself. Otherwise trying these gloves through mail order is an exercise in fitment futility. Even printing out and using their own sizing tool does not help. I've ordered multiple pair of the same size glove and the sizing is all over the map. There is simply no consistency into how they make a glove. Not denying the quality of the glove materials but for the price, the fitment quality needs to improve greatly.
    Iíve got several pairs of Lee Parks gloves, if you purchase the same model size is spot on, but different models can be all over the place. I always buy mine at the Long Beach show, never online

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    I'm on my 3rd pair - with the outie seams..

    I wear them out in a season. Holes start forming where the heal of my hand is. A season for me is usually around 15,000 miles.

    Fit is all over the map. I always get the same size and model - and as stated - best to buy them at a show. They're hand made items, and the sizing isn't dead on. At a show you can try a left from one set and a right from another until you get two that actually fit.

    That said - I wear them year round (I put on bar-muffs for winter riding), rarely switching to my alternate glove (BMW-AllRound) - usually only because it's raining heavily.

    And I still keep buying them - they're that good.
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