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Thread: Zion National Park-Utah

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    Zion National Park-Utah

    Had a great trip across USA last July. We enjoyed Denver and the area,
    but Zion National Park was great. Wish we could have stayed a few days!
    Here is why:

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    Thank you for sharing! I have ridden this same road about ten years ago and loved it. I spent a few nights in the park and hiked all over the place. This park and Bryce are among the best treasures in the West...
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    That place is magical! I was there earlier in September, second trip, each time I wished I had more time to spend there.

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    In my 50+ years of riding, the most memorable trip was North Rim, Zion, and Bryce. Simply amazing terrain. Wish I could duplicate that experience...

    A little addendum. In the early seventies I worked at an ARCO bulk plant in Minden, NV. The owner had an old black and white photo on the wall over his desk, showing the tunnel with windows on that main route through the park. Turns out his dad was the construction supervisor for all the Zion tunnels. Sort of personally interesting to ride through those tunnels in the early ‘80’s.

    Awesome video, thanks very much for sharing.
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