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Thread: 2013 K16GT 1500mi

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    2013 K16GT 1500mi

    I'm a new member and this is my first post. I currently have an 07 K1200GT (had it for a little over a month). A 2013 K1600GT with only 1500 miles just appeared for sale locally. I have perused the forums and have read that some of the early K16 issues (switch gear, water pump) were addressed in the 2014 model year. So I'm wondering if this could be a jewel or should I stay away? Asking price is just under $14K.

    Your thoughts?


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    Those issues were probably addressed under warranty.
    A dealer could run the VIN and confirm.
    I'd buy it without hesitation.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    I have a 13' Gtl with 36k miles. I've had the cooling fan fail, under warranty, one of the 6 ignition coils is starting fail other wise it's been trouble free.
    I also have a 07 K12gt with a side car. One of the cam's failed without any other damage at 54k miles.
    The K16 is the big brother to the K12.
    I bought the K16 to replace a Goldwing. The K12 with the side care is not comparable with a stock K12 without side car.
    So I can't comment on the two in a bike comparison.
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    Switches and water pump should have been replaced under warranty. As noted in previous post, get the VIN, contact your local dealer and ask him what has been done to this bike. If you "like" the K1200GT, you'll LOVE the K1600. I had an '07 K12GT, worst bike I ever owned. Went from that to a K1300GT, BEST bike I ever owned. The K1600GT/GTL is the ultimate long distance, 2-up sport tourer. Little to nothing in common with the K12...

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    my 1600 GT

    I have a 2013 1600GT with 53k miles on it.....No issues to date...Just don't over fill the oil on ur changes cause it will suck it into the air box and smoke to beat hell......Has always had Amsoil in both ends,Using Avon 3d-XM tires both ends usually get right at 15,000 miles from them.....I ride solo and normally get 270-285 per fuel fill general riding....Change my own oil both ends and the Air filter, valve checks go to the dealer.....I think I could do the Brake Bleed but haven't attempted that yet....I came off two 1800 Gold Wings to the Beemer....I'll probably stay with BMW in the future but not sure if I can get away from a multi.cylinder bike....I'm 66 so will see what the big guy has in store for me.....Ride Safe out there!!!

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    I owned a 2012GT for 4 years and loved it. A problem for many of the early 1600s was the switch gear. I had both left and right replaced twice. If I'm not mistaken, they will be replaced even though you're out of warrantee - possibly under a recall. A concern for me is that the bike wasn't ridden enough and may have been sitting for long periods. If that's so, and proper gas treatment wasn't added, you could have fuel pump issues. Just a side note, if you buy the bike I would replace the tires. The original Metzlers weren't really proper K1600 tires and wore out quickly. At 5 years they may be aging out. If the price id right, I would go for it.
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