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    Hello, from Western Pennsylvania

    Hello, everybody. I have been reading through some of the threads over the last month or so, and thought it a good idea to pop in and say Hi.

    I joined the BMWMOA as a trial member as part of my researching my next bike purchase. I've ridden primarily big American bikes for the majority of my lifetime, Victory being the most recent. Call it a mid-life crisis or an epiphany, but the shuttering of Victory by Polaris really left me sour and got me looking at not just other brands, but completely different riding styles. Basically, I'm tired of doing what I've been doing for the last 30+ years.

    In my scatter brained search for a new means of enjoyment, I've been like a kid in a toy store. This discovery process has been both exciting and mind numbing at the same time. My 52 year old body and brain tells me a nice, reserved Standard should do the trick. My "you're not old yet" heart tells me I want to go fast and do wheelies. My wife tells me "you've lost your damn mind"

    At any rate, I'm investigating a couple different BMW models at the moment...and I ask forgiveness ahead of time for any forthcoming newbie questions

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    Welcome to the board and the world of BMW. 56 years of age here and I scratch both itches. I have a 2004 1150RT and a 16 RnineT for the fun factor.

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll get a range of models to choose from - new, used, and "well" used! What type of riding do you like to do? Solo or two-up?
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'd ridden a few smaller bikes early on in my younger years - a couple Yamahas and a Honda - but I've primarily ridden heavy cruisers lately. In 2001 I wanted to see what this new kid on the block had to offer, so I bought a Victory v92c Deluxe. The wife and I travelled all over the country on that bike. At the end of 2011, with ideas of doing some serious travelling, we decided to upgrade to a Cross Country Tour.

    Life being what it is, our travel plans have not worked out for a number of reasons. Now I'm looking to change. I'm looking for something smaller, quicker, and properly built. Honestly, I'm tired of sitting back with my feet out...I want to sit up and pay attention.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Nothing wrong with doing wheelies
    Enjoy the forum.
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