Iím not sure if people are aware of this but motorcycles park for free at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison and at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, among others. Iíve done this many times and never had an issue, although itís been years since Iíve parked at the Madison airport. For the last few days I was parked in the designated motorcycle parking area in the parking ramp. I made sure to park in a spot where I wasnít making it difficult for anyone else to get out of their spot. When I arrived back in Madison this evening both my mirrors had been messed with. The mirror stalks were loosened and completely out of position. I could see how this could happen if someone bumped into one of them hard but having this happen to both of them seems to me that must have been intentional. Iím not sure if someone was just doing it to mess with me or if they were trying to steal the mirrors. Has anybody else had a problem like this at the airport? Iíve almost never had a bike messed with under any circumstance in over 20 years of riding, Iím not sure what would have motivated somebody to screw around with my bike this time. Easy fix but annoying and it made me wonder what else they might have messed with on the bike.