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Thread: Ken Burn's Vietnam series

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    There have been some excellent posts to this thread concerning Vietnam and the recent PBS series. I would like to see more of those contributions. I think it has been good, but by no means pleasant, to hear people share their memories of that time.

    Accordingly, would those folks interested in discussing the issue of the NFL protests please start a separate thread. It's a topic worthy of it's own thread.
    I actually agree but disagree. This thread is about the Burn's Vietman documentary and should stay that way.

    The NFL protests were started to protest the killing of unarmed persons of color by police officers. The topic has morphed into things about God, the flag, and some persons' political views about the meaning of the terms patriot or patriotism. Thus the comments on this and the closed Las Vegas thread include: religion, guns, and politics. All banned topics with no legitimate place on this motorcycle forum.
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    I am sort of watching the Burns Vietnams series, hopefully Ill see al eventually. My dad, who clawed his way (the hard way) to full colonel, fought in this war, after fighting all of WWII and doing a tour of duty in the Korean Conflict as well. It was 1967 when he went to Vietnam and it never dawned on me, in 6th grade, that might never return. But return he did, with no injuries, and tho he never once talked about it, or certainly did nt tell stories... My uncle told us that once, in some compound somewhere, he and 2 other guys were walking around when shelling began. All three left behind/under jeep or something and when it was over, the guy on one side of my dad was dead, and the guy on the other side had his arm blown off... or something like that. So maybe my dad was lucky, tho I do know for sure he was lightly wounded on 2 occasions elsewhere- although among his 25 or so medals (some doubles) there remain zero Purple Hearts. I also know that when he went to Vietnam he was put on some sort of desk duty. He raised cain and so they made him helicopter gunner- frying pan to the fire, anyone? He eventually was handed a field command. He was one tough guy and never eased up, a hard ass all the way to the grave. He held every rank between buck private and full bird, except chief warrant officer ( believe, the top enlisted rank? please correct me if I am wrong here). He was granted a Field Promotion in WWII when his commander was killed and he led his unit to victory over some perceived strategic target.

    Ken Burns will cover lots here but much will remain untold... No mention of CIA "methods" of funding their secret operations in Cambodia and Laos, for example, nor of G.I. drug use. I knew and hung out with guys doing short time (I was 15, 71/72) at Ft Leonard Wood after serving as draftees, kicking heroin and other habits- who told wild stories about their experiences in the war! And I used to be good buddies with a grizzled old colonel who was a special forces guy from their very start. He did 3 tours in Viet Nam, so heard his stories as well, including one humorous tale about him trying to get into a medical compound to see his daughter who was serving as a nurse... the tough Mother Hen running the compound was hesitant to admit this gnarly, nasty jungle fighter in to see one of her girls! Even if he WAS her dad.

    I turned 18 after the fall of Saigon, and was waffling a little, trying to decide what to do about draft registration... but before I could figure it out they abolished the draft. I had already had shoulder surgery (staples, R shoulder), and was missing my spleen, SO who knows what my classification may have been?

    In any event, there is lots I never knew about Viet Nam and our involvement. This well put together documentary is filling some gaps and adding to the timeline of my life. I'm at like episode 5.

    My thanks to all veterans and active duty persons for your service!
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