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Thread: What year K1300GT to look for ???

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    What year K1300GT to look for ???

    Does it matter what year K1300GT I should look for? As a previous owner of several oilheads and instead of going to a wethead, I'm thinking about looking for a low mileage K13GT but didn't know if later models were better. Thanks for your opinions.

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    The K13GT was only made for 2009 and 2010 and little difference that I am aware of in the two years. I'd be partial to the 2010 myself, but I think you'll find that more critical than the year is the maintenance the bike received and whether or not all the SI bulletins were done on the machine. Of particular importance is making sure the cam chain jump guard has been installed. That check does not require any disassembly, just removal of the Torx plug on the lower RH side of the engine--the edge of the jump guard is visible through that hole.

    The K13GT is an awesome motorcycle, a great blend of power, handling, and comfort. They are very reasonably priced in the used market and many low-mileage examples around. Good luck with your search and enjoy the bike!
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