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Ok, I need to be more specific. I bought the bike used with 23k on it in January 2013 and they put new Annakees on it then, or at least they said that and they appeared to be new. In October 2017, after 6k this year they said the tires will not pass inspection and the brakes are metal on metal (but didn't get to the rotors yet!). So my thoughts are that they may be a bit quick to kill the tires (but rolling the dice there is dangerous and they know that) and the brake pads are gone but probably should have been done before they charged me top dollar for the bike.

p.s. bmwbob - how are those 705's on the open road?
Ok you have 29k on the bike, for some strange reason the rear brake go out at low mileage so 29k isn't bad. 6K on tires, that doesn't sound out of the question either, I ride Chip n Seal and 6k is good for me. They also say you shouldn't keep tires more then 5 years after manufacture date so it may be time as well. You can see the manufacture date on the tire it will show the week and year it was made.