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Thread: Routing wires for heated grips on 2004 R850R - help needed

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    Routing wires for heated grips on 2004 R850R - help needed


    First time poster and New member so be gentle!

    I have a 2004 R850R that came without heated grips. As luck would have it I found a useable right hand side combination switch and two functioning heated grips on Ebay which I purchased. Replacing the combination switch would be rather easy as I just follow the old wires for the mounted switch. But the wires from the heated grips are worse. Do anyone know where the should be routed? I can see that the handlebar has a small hole on the underside and in the middle of it, just below the ignition, but is that where the wires from the heated grips should be routed? If anyone has a repair-/shop manual or have done this themselves would help me I would really appriciate it!



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    Welcome to the forum, Joey! I found this thread which suggests that routing through the hole is the way to go:

    But maybe others will weigh in with other suggestions.
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