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    Can anybody recommend any reputable rental companies in Europe? Looking to possibly do some touring in Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy next year. I've been conversing with HPMotorrad but I'm not sure if it's a good company or not.

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    Welcome to the forum and the MOA! I don't know very much about rentals in Europe but I've heard Stefan Knopf's name mentioned in a variety of situations. Here was an older thread that is focused on Germany, but maybe they do rentals in other places. Check the links.
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    Scott Moreno is the owner. He has been at the BMWOA National Rally each time I attended. In three weeks I am leaving on my second tour with them. First tour was the best vacation I ever had.
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    bike rentals

    I M T rentals and tours, rented bikes from them in Spain in JUNE. Friends just went on a tour with them Spain, Corsica, and They said it was Awesome

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