I purchased a K1600 B a week ago and now have 2500 miles on it. Before I purchased it I had the dealer change out the windshield with one from a K 1600 GT. The stock B windshield is very loud. The seat gets uncomfortable in a few hundred miles. I'm sure there will be after market upgrades soon. Aero Flow is already working on a windshield. It is difficult for them because the dealers have only received one bike each so far. There aren't any extras for them to take back to their shop and experiment on. The dealers choice is to sell the one they have, or use it as a demo and take orders. The shift assist pro is very smooth from 1st gear on, unlike my 2015 R1200RT. Using shift assist on the RT is harsh until 3rd gear. The engine sounds like a turbine up to 4,000 RPM, from there it sounds like a Grand Prix race car. Some of my friends and I rode from Minneapolis to Harrison Arkansas this past week, where we spent three days riding the hills. In Dynamic mode it handles very well, easily going 20 to 25 miles an hour faster than the suggested 35 MPH on curves. I usually kept it in 4th gear which gave good engine braking. The 10 mph hairpin turns aren't much more challenging than on my RT. Most of the days were in the 90's and humid. The wing vents gave very good ventilation. However there is quite a bit of heat coming from the left side of the engine. It became a bit uncomfortable. On the highway at a steady 65 MPH , with a tail wind, I was getting 51 MPG. At 70 to 75 MPH, without a tail wind, it was in the low 40's. I spent 12 hours riding back home, sitting on a gel pad. In the cruse suspension mode, I hardly felt the bumps in the road. The saddle bags aren't as tall as the RT. I could get my full face helmet in if I put it in sideways. I like the bike.