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Thread: New '17 GSA Owner from Portland, OR

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    New '17 GSA Owner from Portland, OR

    Hi Folks,

    Brand New 2017 Red GSA Owner!!!

    My wife and I like to go on 2 to 3 week camping trips off our KTM 690's. We just got back from 2,200 miles around the Salmon River in Idaho, started and ended in Riggins. OMG are there wonderful sights and out of the way places to go in Idaho.

    One of my best friends is retiring in several months, he's a Harley guy. I thought the GSA would make a good platform to bounce around the western US with a Buddy. Will see how the GSA develops as a camping platform.

    I've got Beartooth Pass on the wish list for next summer and up into Yellowstone and the Tetons.

    Catch everybody around a campfire soon!

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    Welcome to the forum! The GSA should be a nice step up for that kind of touring. Show us some pictures from Beartooth Pass when you get there! BTDT...very nice place to ride.
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