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Thread: GS911 on eBay: suspiciously low prices?

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    GS911 on eBay: suspiciously low prices?

    Hi All,
    Iím not looking for the usual caveat emptor, I know the eBay risks. But there seems to be a constant stream of them for sale at around $250-300, from sellers in Asia. Are these knock-offs, stolen-being-resold, or are there a huge number of these things simply entering the market from there?

    (Some sellers are low-numbered but some are pretty high-volume movers.) Iím reluctant, but their prices are approaching 30% off retail. Tempted to believe someoneís ripping off the plastic cases from the manufacturer, and jamming some random parts in there, and selling overseas.

    Worth the risk?

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    I think you have answered your own question
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    i have seen a number of reports of Chinese knockoffs of the GS 911. I would consider them junk with no known reliability and certainly no upgraded firmware or other support. Call the Beemershop and get the real thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4evernewbie View Post
    Worth the risk?
    "You pays your money and you takes your chances"

    Call Ted Porter at the BeemerShop. You'll be glad you did.

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    There have been reports in the past of people getting burned by counterfeit units.

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    Ted Porter at the Beemer Shop wrote the book on good customer service.
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    Look around, and you might be able to get a used GS-911.

    I picked mine up for $150 from a friend at work. He said it had two VIN numbers registered to it. When I registered the unit with my own name, the record was wiped clean and I have the full 10 VIN available.

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