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Thread: side stand switch

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    side stand switch

    Hi Guys, the question of the day is has anyone linked out the side stand switch ? I find it diffcult to deploy the side stand with the wife aboard due to the double spring,which I think is there to make sure the stand doesnt drop and cut the engine if one or both springs break, I have oiled the pivot etc what I am thinking is link out the switch and remove one of the springs !thanks in advance Jimmy, PS going for a wee ride between school bus runs ,

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    From threads I've seen, the general consensus is leave all aspects of the side-stand intact and functional.
    If the stand drops or if a rider is to ride off with with the stand down, the next sweep or turn to the left ejects the rider. It's ugly.
    Perhaps you can practice your wife getting on after you get on. She can use the left passenger peg while she grabs your shoulders.
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    What Omega man said.
    The switch is a safety device and should not be defeated.

    The SS is to be greased, not oiled. There is provision to do this with a pin grease gun thru a wee hole on the side stand mounting bracket.
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